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Hunt Transportation offers one of the most comprehensive truck driver pay packages in the flatbed industry and has also been independently certified as a Top-Paying Carrier by the National Transportation Institute.

If you have one or more years of verifiable experience, you may qualify to start in our National Fleet at our experienced truck driver pay rate. Drivers will be paid $.48 to $.51 per practical mile depending on their verifiable experience and work history over the last five years.

Practical Route Miles
Hunt Transportation pays their flatbed truck drivers using Rand McNally Practical Route Miles which reflect about two to four percent more miles—for which you are paid—and more accurately represent your actual route.

Additional Compensation

Oversized Load Pay
Flatbed drivers are paid an additional $.06 per paid dispatched loaded mile on all permitted oversized loads. Approximately, one in every Five (20%) loads are oversized.

Stop Pay
If your load requires stops in addition to the original pick up and the final delivery, you will receive stop pay of $30 per stop.

Tarp Pay
Less than 25% of our loads require tarp. Many of the loads are pre-loaded agricultural freight which allows our drivers to tarp much less than other flatbed companies. If, however, a load requires tarp we will pay $50 and an additional $20 for re-tarps.

Safety/Productivity Bonus
If a driver produces 18,600 or more delivered and paid practical route dispatched miles in a two (2) month period, and meets the following criteria, the driver will be paid $0.03 per delivered paid practical dispatched mile for that two (2) month period:

  • No accidents
  • No cargo claims
  • No moving violations
  • No log violations
  • No out of service violations

Breakdown Pay
The breakdown of truck driver pay of $100 is paid for each 24 hour period following the first 12 hours.

TWIC Reimbursement
Hunt Transportation will cover 100% of the cost of all new and renewed TWIC’s.

Short-haul Compensation
We will pay a flat rate additional pay of $35 for any trip with a loaded length of haul of 350 miles or less.  This will include relay segments of a trip if done at the direction of Operations, and not done simply for driver convenience or request.