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Everyone has a story

We set out to hear them. We wanted to learn more about the people who work for us. So, we asked them to record a short video telling us who they are and what their story is. We got an amazing response from individuals in all sorts of different roles across our company. But we aren’t done. We would love to hear from you.
To share your story, record a short video using your phone and email it to or via Dropbox here. Be sure to say your name and your Hunt story!

Matt Cribbs
Derek Phillips
matt schmidt
daryll rosado
JoAnn Stearns
Lynn Wehling
Brent Brown
Bob Dye
BJ Taylor
Farzin Farshchi
Joe Jarvis
Tim Aschoff
Tim Cann
Richard H
brian puff
gerardo nunez
John Lemons
Mary Overton
terri hall
Rich Ahrean
charles wurth
James Lawson
Larry Hill