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Name: Bob Dye

Job: Company Driver

Years at Hunt: 7


Hi, my name is Bob Dye. I’ve been asked to talk a little bit about my experience as a driver. What I think of Crete Carrier as a company, and maybe a few other areas of topic of discussion that you may be interested in knowing. I’ve been driving for about 35 years. I spent time in the Navy, came out of the Navy and started driving back in about 80…’83. Eighty-two, eighty-three, when I got out of the Navy started driving in California. I moved back to Ohio in ’84, continued driving. In that period of time I got about four and a half million miles behind me, career miles driven. I started with Crete Carrier, the first time almost nine years ago. Was with Crete Carrier for four years and made the mistake of leaving, was gone for two years, now I’ll be back with the company it will be three years April 7th of this year, 2017. The reason that I stayed with Crete now and regret leaving the first time was the benefits with the company are excellent, they got good insurance package. Medical, dental, vision, disability insurance. The pay is better than most of the companies on the road. I’ve looked and searched and can’t find much better. They have a fantastic profit sharing company, and your profit sharing every year goes directly into your 401k retirement program. Which has been pretty nice the last several years. The equipment is all modern updated equipment. It is a debt free company, and which says a lot for itself. I’m very happy to be working for Crete Carrier. They have 14 terminals throughout the country in several different states. Which have good facilities in most of them. Laundry facilities, nice driver’s rooms, showers. You get an assigned truck and you stay in that same truck until either something happens to it, it breaks down, they’ll put you in another truck. Most of the time you’ll stay in the same truck until you put the required miles on it and then they’ll put you into another new truck. When you get your asset manager assigned to you, you’ll need to communicate with that asset manager in areas of like when you need to be home, about your loads, your pickups and deliveries, and if you need to put your truck in the shop status. I like to keep them informed about that. When your truck comes out of the shop and you’re ready to go back into service… just good communication. If you are interested in coming to work for a good company, Crete Carrier, Shaffer Trucking, or Hunt Flatbed division are some of the best companies on the road to be working for. I’m going to end up retiring from here. I got six years left to go to drive until I hit retirement age, and I’m not going to make the mistake of leaving here and going anyplace else again. If you make a choice to come to work for Crete Carrier or Shaffer Trucking or Hunt Flatbed, let me in advance welcome you aboard to the company and I hope you enjoy your ride. I sure enjoy mine.

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