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Name: Brent Brown

Job: Operations Manager

Years at Hunt: 22


Hi, my name is Brent Brown. I work for Crete Carrier. I’ve been here for 22 years and I’m currently an operations manager and this is my story. I had a couple jobs getting out of college. Didn’t like them, and I wanted to be a coach, but unfortunately , hat didn’t work out the way I wanted it to work out. A friend of mine knew that Crete was hiring so I came out here and applied, and 22 years later I’m still here. I knew nothing about trucking, had never been in a truck, I can tell you through the years I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned a lot through people in this office that have taken time to teach me things, and also I’ve learned a lot, especially working with the drivers. I think the drivers is one of the best ways to learn some of the things that we learn. I did start out here dispatching. It was called great plains regional at the time, we no longer have that fleet. Worked under Stan Harvey, he taught me everything I know. Miss him. Anyway, then I moved onto Illinois and Indiana. I dispatched that area for quite a few years. I think it was seven. Then eventually took over advanced transformers fleet which is a dedicated fleet. Kind of the way we’re set up now as asset manager base. I worked with about 60 drivers. Anywhere between singles and teams. Got to know a lot of them very, very well. Consider a lot of them my friends even the one’s that have retired and moved on. I still touch base with some of them and I’ve learned a lot from the majority of those drivers, and learned a lot from the drivers that are currently with us. I think I’ve been doing the ops manager side of things for roughly 12 years, somewhere in that ball park. I can’t remember, but I oversee the asset managers now. Enjoy it, I work more now with the drivers which I really, really enjoy. That’s one thing I think and I would request drivers, you know you work with an asset manager. If you have any tough times or anything like that. I would highly recommend that you come into the office. Say you know I want to come into Lincoln and the office and sit down and have a cup of coffee with you, have a breakfast, have lunch. Something like that because that can really mean a world of difference when you sit down and you talk to your asset manager face to face. I think that can make a world of difference in the relationship that you have, that you build. I know there are many drivers that have done that in the past and it has made a world of difference. I know one of the reasons I still continue to work here is the people. When I was with advance transformer, I had a driver, her name was Patsy, took the time to I was going to have my third child and took the time from her day to knit a blanket. Now, I’ve never knitted a blanket in my life, but I’m sure it takes quite a while. But you know having her take that time out of her busy schedule to knit a blanket for my daughter, I think meant the world to me. That’s the kind of people that I really believe that we employe here at this company. From drivers, to in the office staff, and even to the upper management. They care deeply about the people that are employed here. That’s one of the main reason that I’m here, I’ll continue to work here and enjoy it and you know it’s, it’s just something that’s one of the reasons I’m here is because of the people. That’s all I got! Thanks!

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