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Name: Charles Wurth

Job: Company Driver

Years at Hunt: 2 Years


My name’s Chuck Wurth. I’ve been a driver with Crete since, July of 2015, so not quite 2 years yet. Some of the things that I could tell you about Crete that hopefully would encourage you to make that first step towards us. Crete had a policy when I signed on that they started drivers out at 45 cents a mile. At that time, I was only making 36. I couldn’t help but try to make that move. One of the other things that helped me make that move wasn’t just the money. I kept seeing these red trailers being pulled around the countryside, and on those trailers, they had their famous little quote: Our most valuable resource sits here. That stuck in my head and I can’t tell you how much because it was utterly ridiculous. I uhh, it just meant something to me. If I’m going to put that on the side of my equipment, I better live up to it. So anyway, I called in. Signed up. Went to my orientation, and during the orientation, I’m looking over all the paper work that you have to sign and I saw something on that paperwork that said I was going to get paid 46 cents a mile. I didn’t quite understand that because I thought it was 45. So I decided I better ask because I knew the advertisement was 45, and the lady in the room said no sir, how long you been driving? I told her a little over 3 and a half years. She said no, that’s what we pay starting drivers that have three years or more. I found that real interesting and a real tell about the company itself and where it’s integrity was. They could have paid me 45 cents a mile. I wouldn’t have known the difference and I still would have been happy as a lark. For me, it was an $8,000 a year raise and I wasn’t going to do any more work that I was already doing. As it turned out it’s a $9,000 raise. That pretty much meant a whole bunch to me. Their pocket book I’m sure when they talk to their bean counters is real important, but they recognize that mine is too. That was a big deal to me. It’s hard to explain a lot more about the company, but there are a couple of things I will add. My asset manager about 30 days into it I ran into one of those trucking nightmares that you get when you’re out there on the highway, and so I called him. But, I had met him prior to that. I always go in and want to meet face-to-face with my managers if you will. I had established that he was a retired Marine and I’m a retired Army guy, and we both know that the saying about the Chaplin. Go see the Chaplin he’s the guy who cares. Well, I called him and I told him I was having a real bad day. I was really upset and frustrated with the consignee, I’m sorry, the shipper in this case. So we went over everything and I had told him, you know you got to put your Chaplin bars on your lapel and help me get through this so I can get back on the road and be safe out there, and he did just that. I think my telling him up front that yeah I’m having a bad day and I really need somebody to talk to so I can calm down. He understood that I needed a little help, I needed a little coaching. He went through that like clockwork. Jerry is amazing. I’m sure the other folks that are there as asset managers are great people, but Jerry is very special to me as an individual. The other thing that’s really been good for me is my Phoenix people. Phoenix has a terminal and the ladies there, I like to call them the three lady musketeers. They are very special in Phoenix, and I’m sure that the other places, there’s a lot of great people but I can assure you if you get on the Phoenix staff you’ll love them. They’re really very, very nice people. That’s pretty much the extent of what I would tell you right now that might help you make that decision. If you have any more questions for me, my number is. It’s Chuck Wurth, or you can just call into the company number which is hang on, 888-799-4632 if you decide to call those guys so you can get even more information and get a great feel of how our recruiters work, and the promises they’ll try to make you and all the information they have at their disposal. Just do me a favor, tell them Chuck sent you. There’s another thing you would learn about the company if you decide to join us and that is a little bit of a bonus, we get as drivers for talking to you guys out in the field and have a nice day and we’ll talk to you a little bit later. Bye, bye.

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