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Name: Derek Phillips

Job: Fleet Manager – Lincoln, NE

Years at Hunt: 10


Hi, my name is Derek Phillips. I’ve been with Crete for 10 years now. I got started at a young age because my brother, at the time, was working night ops. He was in third shift dispatch and lured me into joining the second shift dispatch team. At the time I had very minimal knowledge of the trucking industry, other than driving a 3-axle truck you know around the farm in small town western Nebraska. It’s been quite the learning experience, it’s been a heck of a ride. About two years after joining the night operations team, I was promoted to our night operations manager which is basically managing a group of dispatchers and drivers over the holiday’s, the weekends, and nights. After that, you know a couple years later I was promoted to our Lincoln Fleet Manager where I manage drivers mainly in a 500 mile radius of our Lincoln, Nebraska terminal as well as our office staff. The majority of my day is spent solving problems from driver issues to equipment issues to working with our in-house office personnel, our dispatch, the safety department, log department, breakdown, shop, I mean you name it. I’d say the best part of my job is that no day or phone call or interaction with the drivers is ever the same. If you happen to swing through Lincoln or are coming through and have a few minutes, stop in and say hi. Thanks!

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