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Name: James Lawson

Job: Company Driver

Years at Hunt: 12


My name is James Lawson. I’m out of the Greensboro terminal. I came to Crete to work in October 2004, and before then I was in the military for 21 years. I retired in 1997, during my retirement we had a JB, Werner, and Schneider to do their orientation briefing. So I said well listen, I got to start working start working somewhere so let’s go with trucking. So I did. Schneider picked me up, got me trained up and everything else. After being with them for four years, I said well ok I’d like to go somewhere else. So I went with another company. I was with them for five years, but they went out of business. When they went out of business I had no job, so I called up Crete and in two weeks time Crete had me a new job. Alright. Once I came on with Crete, they gave me a pay raise right off the bat, so that was a good thing because that’s what I like. They have good pay, the equipment is good. The equipment is good, and that’s what I did. One of the biggest things that I like about Crete is they got good equipment, they have medical, dental, and those things are important as well. I mean I like that as well. I do get VA benefits, they help me out with the medical costs. They are a well known company, everybody always talks about them. Everybody asks me questions about you know what they do and I tell them the truth. With them you got the 401k, which I don’t really participate in but the profit sharing that’s good. I like that. I’ve been with Crete and I’ve had like three or four driver of the month awards. I also have a million mile award and that’s it. Thank you!

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