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Name: JoAnn Stearns

Job: Company Driver

Years at Hunt:


Hi my name is JoAnn and Crete ask that we put together a video just kind of explaining, introducing who we are, and why we got into trucking and why we ended up at Crete so here’s a little bit of my story. Ive been driving for 22 years, I started when I was 28 years old so Iif you do that math, you’ll discover that just like Crete I have been around since 1966 and I know thats a long time and the reason I guess, the reason I got into trucking and it sounds cliche, but its the truth, its in my blood. Thats all there is to it. My dad was a truck driver, and you know his little girls a truck driver, my uncle drove and my cousin and its just something thats been in our family as long as I can remember and I really love it. Ive done a lot of different, hauled a lot of different kinds of things over the years and I’ve done a lot of stuff. I drove for a couple of companies I did a lot of owner operator and you know back company now and two years ago I just really wanted to find a company that I could settle into and really just, what I really was looking forward to is just focusing in my retirement and I started talking to drivers at truck stops and seeing what they thought about the companies they work for, I talked to a lot of Crete drivers and I just heard nothing but good things, I don’t think I ever heard one negative comment about Crete out here at the truck stops and other drivers so I called a recruiter and wanted to give them a try, they set me up for orientation in Lenoir city and I remember the first day at orientation Mr. Tonn saying something that just kind of stuck in my head and he told us that you know if we, whether we decided to stay with Crete or if we decided this wasn’t the company for us and want to go to a different company, he just really encouraged us to find a home someplace and that stuck with me, and you know i’m happy to say that years later I feel like thats exactly what I found. I found a home at Crete, I love everybody that I work with little shout out to Todd Williamson, my asset manager, thank you for putting up with me the way you do and my home terminal in Deland, and you guys are all so awesome and just all the staff at Crete, you know you guys are great to work with and I really enjoy it. So thats my story and I look forward to seeing other videos, bye.

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