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Name: Joe Jarvis

Job: Owner Operator

Years at Hunt: 7 Months


Hello, my name is Joe Jarvis and I am based in Wilmer, Texas. I’ve been driving with Crete for 7 months, 4 of those as an owner operator. I’ve taken a long road to get into the trucking industry. I spent 6 years in the army. Then received a degree in electronics engineering where I specialized in acoustic microscopes. That allowed me to travel throughout the US and the Pacific rim installing systems and teaching people how to look inside computer chips and composite materials. Then I went to law school at the university of Richmond, and worked for law firms that handle large class-action litigation. The last law firm that I worked for was hired by BP to handle all the claims that arose out of the Deep Water Horizon oil spill. That took me to New Orleans where I helped manage a firm office that had more than 400 people. So why would someone with a resume like mine drive a truck? My work with law firms was feast or famine, and I got hungry. So I looked for a way to have more control over my career and work schedule, where I can dictate when I spend time with my family and in essence I wanted to be the captain of my own ship. That lead me to the trucking industry. I knew coming in that if driving was something that worked for me and it met my needs that I would want to own my own truck. I just reached my fourth anniversary as a driver and Crete is the fourth company that I have worked for. Crete happened to be option number two in two of those employment choices. When the others turned out to not be a good fit, I came to Crete. I was attracted by Crete’s great reputation in the industry and I have not been disappointed. There are many things that make me feel, both at Crete as a company driver and as an owner operator is a smart choice. There are some particular things about Crete that I appreciate. First, there’s a supportive company culture at all levels. As I’ve interacted with other drivers, mechanics, and the levels of management I’ve felt that I’m among friends who are responsive to my needs. Second, Crete has been more than fair in helping me transition to being an owner operator. The purchase terms where very reasonable, and the owner operator staff have been extremely helpful in resolving the issues and questions that I have had. Third, my asset manager’s work diligently to keep me as productive as I want to be. While keeping my requests for home time a top priority. That’s important to me because I have three beautiful daughters and three grandkids that live in Texas, and I get to spend a lot of time with them. Which I love. So that is who I am, how I got into trucking, and why I feel that Crete is the right fit for me. Be safe and godspeed.

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