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Name: John Lemons

Job: Company Driver

Years at Hunt:


Hi, my name is John Lemons and this is my Crete story. I came to Crete exactly one year ago and I’ve been driving a truck almost 11 years. Crete has been my big break in the trucking business, I’m extremely happy to work here. It’s an excellent fit. I’m a veteran and I love the fact that Crete is a big, they are very supportive of veterans. It’s just the best company I’ve ever worked for not to mention trucking company I’ve ever worked for. It’s a very organized and they want the driver to succeed here and the morale here is pretty high and they do things like this video or other things… fun things for the drivers to do. I really enjoy it. Just like the stuff like the crete store, they just have a lot of terminals. It’s just been really enjoyable for me to work here. I just didn’t realize you could be this happy working somewhere and Crete has been having a big impact on my career already. When I came here last May, I didn’t know how to drive a stick. I couldn’t drive a standard, I had in 2006 I started my career at truck driving school and it just was you know I went to my first company and it was a miserable experience with a trainer so I just put that on the back burner and drove an automatic. When I came to Crete the recruiters said no problem, don’t worry about it we’ll help you out. I got a cool trainer, was a great guy and he helped me and it’s just been it’s amazing. I never thought I could drive a stick and I know it’s not a big deal for most drivers but it’s a big deal to me. I’m extremely happy with Crete and I really enjoy working here.

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