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Name: Mary Overton

Job: Driver Recruiter

Years at Hunt: 6


Hi everyone, I’m Mary Overton and I’m a driver recruiter for the company. I’ve been with the company for six years, this is my story on how started with Crete Carrier. I started in 2011 shortly after our first kiddo was born and followed my husband over here who had been here a few months prior. He’s now a training specialist with the company, and he’s very good at what he does, probably the best ever, he made me say that. Just kidding! But yeah, I followed him over here and I’m so glad I did. I was with a company that I worked for five years and got laid off shortly before we had our first kiddo, so I was really looking for some stability. I really found that with Crete Carrier. They’re debt free and privately owned and I really liked that a lot. Which is really why I made the jump over here, and started off in the recruiting department as a processor, processing applications. I really enjoyed that, but I wanted a different aspect of the company so I went to operations and became a driver manager for about a year. I really liked that as well. It was a good learning curve for me, I knew nothing about the industry when I first started, so I really needed to learn as much as possible about the company and what drivers go through on a daily basis and how we are and how we treat our drivers before I felt like I could really recruit drivers. By and large, I learned a lot and it was great working in operations. It was time to actually put what I had learned to use and I was lucky enough to be able to come back to recruiting as a driver recruiter, and really enjoying what I’m doing. I’ve been actually recruiting drivers for, probably about four and a half years, and I really like being able to talk with drivers from all over the country from the Northeast, to California, Florida, all 48 states, and just figure out what they’re problems are where they are coming from because everybody’s different and everybody has a different situation in what they’re looking for in a driving company. Just trying to figure out if we are a good fit and if we have what they’re looking for. So, you know I really like what I do. I’m really glad that I work for Crete Carrier. Like I said I was with one company for five years, so it’s always scary starting something else. I’m just glad I came along for the ride here at Crete Carrier, and I’ve been here for six years and hopefully that will be six more from here. That’s my story and that’s how I started with Crete Carrier and I just appreciate you taking the time to listen. Thanks!

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