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Name: Matt Cribbs

Job: Company Driver

Years at Crete: 4


Hey guys, my name is Matt, I drive truck 38814 for Crete, Hunt, and Shaffer. My history is 22 years driving, four in half of those have been with Shaffer, prior to that ex-military, ex-law enforcement, what fundamentally brought me to Crete, Hunt and Shaffer is what every driver is looking for, miles equipment, benefits, home time, you get that here! This is a family oriented company, we are debt free, you are treated like a person and not a number and that all stems from Mr. and Mrs. Acklie when they brought Crete, Hunt and Shaffer and now it’s in the capable and able hands of Mr. tonn ostergard and Tim Aschoff, between those four individuals they have put all the key people in all the key places to make this place run effectively and efficiently and like a family. You get what you need to be successful here, if you don’t believe me watch some more of these videos, talk to some of our drivers, talk to our recruiters, they also have a pet policy for all you people that have dogs or cats. Talk to us, we will guide you, we will help you, hope to see you here. It’s a great company until either Retire, they close the doors or I pass away, its the only way you’re going to get me away from Crete, Hunt and Shaffer. Thank you again for watching these videos. Hope to see you over here soon, have a great day, be safe.

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