Name: Robert

Job: Company Driver

Years at Hunt:


Hello, my names Robert, from around the St. Louis area, little bit about me, Im carrier with four children, wonderful family, very blessed. You know I haven’t been driving that long, less than a few years actually, and I enjoy it. Why did I get into the driving, well you know I’ve done a lot of work outside and working in a climate control vehicle basically when you have an air conditioner and a heater, you’re not always in the rain and snow, you know that’s nice. You know, Im enjoying that part. So why Crete? Crete’s been a good choice for me, what really got my attention with Crete was the affordable health care plan they have medical, vision delta. You know being I have a bog family, it’s very important to me to have good insurance and affordable, and on top of that they pay well. I hope to work many years with Crete, seems like a great company so far and yeah things are going well.

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