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Name: Terri Hall

Job: Company Driver

Years at Hunt: 1


Hello, My name is Terri Hall an day story on how I became a driver, i’ve had my CDL three years ago today as a matter of fact, and I just had y one year anniversary with Crete, Prior to that I was an RN, worked in the ER for 20 years, specializing in trauma, I came out here in 2014 with a spouse to learn to drive and be a team and his gambling addiction was the demise of that plan and our marriage. I had two choices, go back to nursing or learn to drive and thats what I wanted to do and I love it out here, I love the freedom I can’t say enough about Crete as a company, theres no perfect company, but they’re pretty close in my opinion, I don’t know too many companies that you can come to with any experience and start out at .46 to .48 cents a mile, theres plenty of freight, I don’t do as much sitting as I did with a previous company and I’m amazed eat how many other Crete drivers I pass out here in route, i’m talking sometimes 20 trucks a day, I have a great asset manager, Jody Zeggers, everyone i’ve ever felt with on the other end of Crete in the office has always been kind and very professional, I don’t know too many companies that give free profit-sharing or have christmas parties for employees and will do their best to get you there, they have a good pet policy, they’ve allowed my dog and i’ll show you this is my co-driver Ellie May sleeping on the job. It means a lot to me as a driver to have a companion on the truck with me, their health insurance is great, I never have any problems getting home for home time. They have a passenger program, i’m getting ready to pick up my first passenger, my boyfriend this is going to be interesting, but if you’re considering Crete Carrier, they’re a great company, you’re not going to get any better and welcome aboard and I hope you all have a great day. Thanks.

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