Tim Cann

//Tim Cann
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Name: Tim Cann

Job: Company Driver

Years at Hunt: 15


Hi, my name is Tim Cann, I’ve been with Shaffer for a little bit over 15 years and the reason I started being a truck driver is that I worked in harvest when I was a kid, and decided that trucking is what Wanted to do. Worked for a couple companies that went out of business and decided I wanted a company with a little more stability, so I came over to sunflower to start off with, which became Shaffer and other than that, I really enjoy working for, I’m at a Kansas city terminal, really enjoy working for a growing company, its an awesome place to work, great environment,. The Kansas city shop is awesome and I love working for this company because it offers stability and it’s what I’ve always been looking for in a trucking company and, and I would recommend this company to anybody else who’s just looking for a job. So appreciate it, and we’ll talk to you guys later.

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