We are pleased to announce that you can now view, save, and print your hours of service (HOS) logs online, using your Mobile Communication Unit Hours of Service (Driver). All you need is an internet browser, an internet connection, and your driver credentials. If you have a printer attached to your computer, you can print your logs.

Be aware 6 months of logs will be 300+ pages.

Logging In

The driver credentials you will need are the same as the ones you use on your mobile unit, plus your last name as displayed by the mobile unit after you log in. If you aren’t certain about how your last name appears on the mobile unit, be sure to log into your mobile unit and check before logging in to Hours of Service (Driver).

Company Name: Crete Carriers

Next, type the driver ID and password that you use to log into your mobile unit (both are your driver code), along with your last name as it displays on your mobile unit after you log in.

Driver Log Report

To view, save, and print your logs, click the “Reports” tab, select a date range and log format, and then click “Run Report.” The system will generate a PDF file that you can save and/or print.

→ MAKE SURE you run and save your log report at least once every six months. By default, only six months of hours of service data is stored.